As part of their forthcoming expansion plans I4 are pleased to announce the appointment of David Spence as Chief Operating Officer. David has extensive experience in all aspects of FTTH. David commented

“I am very excited to be joining i4 Technology Group as the Chief Operating Officer and to work with the senior team in developing and implementing the strategies and capabilities that will be required to roll out services on a large scale”.

I4 will shortly be announcing plans to significantly increase its build programme which will see the company expand into all areas of the UK. Elfed.Thomas “We have been slowly building our asset base and developing our approach. Clearly the market is attracting a number of financial institutions all of which seem to be putting forward significant investment. David’s experience and knowledge on a wide range of technologies make him an ideal person for COO.”

I4 Technology Group builds fibre to premises and offers a wide range of services including Dark fibre.